Financial Resources for Faculty and Staff

Director of Finance | 3-5161 | 549 Evans 

Millie is the point of contact for Economics departmental finances. She organizes the departmental budget along with the oversight of all fund management and the financial services within the department. Reach out to Millie (email or in person) for requests and questions regarding:

  • Summer salary
  • Research centers budgets and finances
  • Faculty commitments allocations
  • Faculty research and endowment fundings
  • Deparmental fiscal management
    • TAS, budget and forecasting analysis, SAS
  • Approvals for BearBuy, BluCard, Event Planner Card, financial journals, and departmental travel & entertainment and purchasing
  • Departmental business operations, accounting policies and procedures
  • Discretionary funding

Some examples of financial questions that Millie can help you answer:

  • Funding issues to summer salary agreements
  • Funding related to from Dean/EVCP


Assistant Director of Finance | 2-2239 | 547 Evans

Rose is the point of contact for all faculty fund requests within the Economics department. She manages faculty department-level funds and provide faculty with other financial services. Rose can assist you with:

Some examples of financial questions that Rose can help you answer:

  • How much did I spend on travels last year?
  • Have I receive my BEARS Grant yet?
  • What is the chart string for my Start Up fund/account?
  • I need to plan for future expenses, how much money do I have left in all my accounts?

*For questions regarding Contracts and Grants funding, please continue to contact your Research Administrator.

Extra Reporting Resources: PI PortfolioQuick Start GuideGuide for Faculty



Financial Services Analyst| 3-0717 | 529 Evans

Jane is the point of contact for purchasing supplies (non-computer and software) and staff reimbursements.

  • ​For seminar reimbursements, please contact the seminar coordinators.
  • For computer and software purchases or other IT matters, please contact Seth Novogrodsky.