Staff Directory

General Administration
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Hagit Caspi Communications Specialist 533 Evans 510-642-1041
Emil Schissel HR Academic Personnel Analyst (Faculty and Lecturer Appointments) 535 Evans 510-642-3581
Joe Sibol Main Office Administrator (includes visitor coordination and facilities and repairs) 530 Evans/ 531 Evans 510-642-0822/ 642-8043
Phil Walz Director of Administration (Department Manager) 545 Evans 510-642-2390
Student Services
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Patrick Allen Director of Student Services 543 Evans 510-642-0824
Kristian Dawson Undergraduate Advisor 539B Evans 510-664-9879
Michelle Fong Undergraduate Advisor/Scheduler 539 Evans 510-642-1966
Heather Iwata Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services 541 Evans 510-642-6172
Alicia Mandac Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Services 539A Evans 510-643-0716
Financial Administration and Services
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Millie Calingo Budget Officer 549 Evans 510-643-5161
Rose (Truc) Huynh Faculty Fund Manager (faculty department-level fund management and financial services) 547 Evans 510-642-2239
Jane Youn Financial Services Analyst 529 Evans 510-643-0717
Contract and Grant Administration
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Eva Seto Contracts & Grants Adminstration (faculty contracts and grants) *Eva is first point of contact for new contracts and grants) Social Science Matrix 510-664-7063
Human Resources
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Marianne Callahan HR Generalist, Student Appointments – GSI, GSR, Reader, Tutor 529 Evans 510-643-0717
Naseem Ghaffari HR Supervisor 510-859-6841
Darnell Tircuit Human Resources Partner, CSS (includes recruitment, pre-employment, benefits, payroll, visas, leaves, employee relations) 318-46 1608 4th Street 510-664-9616
Computing and Econometrics Laboratory (EML) Resources
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Rowilma Balza del Castillo EML Manager 643 Evans 510-642-0619
Desktop Support Desktop Support (Hardware and Software Support) 510-664-9000, option 1
LaToya Floyd Business/Tech Support Analyst 3
Research Center and Faculty Administration
Name Job Title Office Phone E-mail
Alex Dobyan CEGA Administrator 649 Evans 510-642-4361
Camille Fernandez Burch and Labor Center Administrator 523 Evans 510-643-0711
Judi Ikeda EML Administrator and Assistant to Stefano DellaVigna, Shachar Kariv, Emi Nakamura, Ulrike Malmendier, Jón Steinsson and Dmitry Taubinsky 643 Evans 510-642-0619
Joseph Mendoza Clausen Center Administrator and Assistant to Professor Barry Eichengreen 605 Evans 510-643-9044
Sang Oum CRMR/CDAR Administrator 579 Evans