Christina Romer lecturing
Sather Tower at sunset
Evans Hall from west
Ulrike Malmendier lecturing
Doe Memorial Library at dusk
Sather Tower in reflection
Stefano DellaVigna lecturing
Evans Hall from northwest
Memorial Glade
Martha Olney lecturing
Sather Gate at night
David Gardner Stacks spiral staircase

Founded in 1903, our department is well-known for the excellence of its teaching and advising, with a strong reputation for producing outstanding Ph.D. graduates, as well as rigorous and innovative economic research. We are consistently ranked among the world's leading departments. Berkeley faculty have won five Nobel Prizes, five John Bates Clark Medals, two MacArthur Foundation Fellows and twenty-three Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships (including an average of one per year since 1995). The impact Berkeley faculty have had on various fields of economics has been enormous. Our department is currently at the forefront of many exciting new developments in economics. This year we are pleased to add Professors Benjamin Faber, Hilary Hoynes, Christopher Walters, and Philipp Strack to our dynamic and diverse faculty.


It is with great sadness that we report the death of our colleague, Suzanne Scotchmer, at the end of January. Suzanne, who had joint appointments with the Boalt School of Law and Goldman School of Public Policy, was an expert in industrial organization, public finance, law and economics, and economic theory, including work on the economics of innovation and intellectual property rights. Her connection to the Economics Department goes back to her days as a doctoral student here in the late 1970's. An online discussion of her contributions can be found at the link.

Janet Yellen named to lead Fed (Article)

Edward Miguel's recent publication in Science on the relationship between climate change and human conflict is discussed on NPR. Read the UC Berkeley press release.

NYTimes (Update) published about Professors Patrick Kline and Emmanuel Saez work on a research project The Equality of Opportunity Project with former Berkeley colleague Raj Chetty, and Nathaniel Hendren at Harvard.

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