Affiliated Faculty

MacKie-Mason, Jeff, University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, Professor, School of Informationm and Professor of Economics
Office: 255 Doe Library


Policy on Visiting the Department of Economics

Bianchi, Stephen, Center for Risk Management Research at Berkeley
(AY 20/21)
Office: 675 Evans
(AY 20/21)
Duzhak, Evgenia, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
(Fall 2020)
Office: 673 Evans
Hawkins, Raymond, Continuing Lecturer
(August 2013 - present)
Office: 675 Evans
Visiting Professor (s)
Gros, Daniel 
Center For European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels
(Spring 2020)
Email:  or
Office: 697D Evans
Monash University
(Fall 2019)
Office: 513 Evans
Postdoctoral Scholar
(AY 18/19)
Office: 527 Evans
(AY 18/19, Fall 2019)
Office: 516 Evans
Visiting Scholar
(2021, full year)