Department of Economics

The Department of Economics offers tutoring services to undergraduates taking core courses: Econ 1, Econ 2, Econ 100A/B, Econ 101A/B, Econ 140, and Econ 141. The department does not offer tutoring support for elective courses. Tutors are available through RRR week. Spring 2015 office hours can be found below and on the bulletin board outside of the Main Office (530 Evans). 

About Economics Tutoring: 

Tutoring services are geared towards helping students who are seeking additional support outside of lecture, section, and office hours. If you do not regularly attend lecture or section, tutoring services will be less effective. Our tutors aim to help students with specific questions on course concepts and problem sets by facilitating the learning process; they don’t just give out answers to assignments. Please bring all relevant course materials to the tutoring session. 

When should I use tutoring?

You should seek tutoring when you are struggling with a course concept or problem set and have specific questions to work through. 

How can I get the most out of tutoring?

  • Come prepared with your course notes and relevant course materials. 
  • Come prepared with specific questions early on.
  • If a tutoring session looks too busy in a room at a given time find an alternate session to attend. If the room is overcrowded it’s more likely that your questions won’t get answered. A list of tutoring sessions can be found online or on the bulletin board outside of 530 Evans Hall.

What can I expect from the tutors?

  • They are on time and available for the duration of their stated office hours
  • They do their best to work through questions and refer to resources when necessary
  • To not always have ALL of the answers.

Fall 2015 Tutoring Hours 

*Hours below are subject to change. Follow us on Twitter, @CalEconTutoring, for the latest office hour updates. 

ECON 1 & Econ 2

Tutor: TBA

Location: TBA


ECON 100A & Econ 101A

Tutors: TBA

Location: TBA


ECON 100B & Econ 101B

Tutors: TBA

Location: TBA


ECON 140 & Econ 141

Tutors: TBA

Location: TBA

Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center (SLC) offers Study Group and Drop-in Tutoring, and these services are free for registered Cal students. Additional information is available at the SLC Economics webpage.


Please know that there are tutors-for-hire, and an up-to-date list is available here: tutors-for-hire.