Economics Undergraduate Student Services

The Economics Student Services Mission is to advise our students holistically by providing a high standard of service in a supportive and collaborative environment.  Professional and peer advisors work as a team to provide accurate information in a timely manner.  We partner with faculty to assist students in engaging with the campus and the global economic community.  We value fairness, diversity, and the important roles our students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Economics play at the University of California, Berkeley.


Economics Professional and Peer Advisors can help answer academic questions regarding the economics department. Some common reasons for seeking advising assistance include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding how to apply to the economics major, and its degree requirements
  • Course selection, planning, and enrollment in economics courses
  • Enrichment opportunities such as research, internships, honors program, or study abroad, etc.
  • Clarification of department policies and procedures

Schedule an appointment with a Professional Advisor (below) or drop-in during office hours to meet with a Peer Advisor. 


For general questions about the economics major, Professional Advisors can be reached via email at


Please note that the Undergraduate Economics Advisors must prioritize advising appointments with continuing Berkeley students. If you are not a continuing student at UC Berkeley, we may not be able to schedule a meeting with you. If you are applying to UC Berkeley and have general questions about the economics major, please refer to the UC Berkeley Admissions office: or email


Our peer advisors are a valuable resource for prospective and current economics students. Peer advisors are trained by the undergraduate advising staff on department policies and procedures. They are very knowledgeable about the economics department because many of them are declared in the major. They have completed the process of declaring the major, and have taken economics courses on-campus. We encourage you to consult with them about their experiences in economics major.

Peer Advisors are available for drop-in appointments. The Economics Peer Advisors can be reached at sends e-mail) during the fall and spring semesters. Peer advising is not available during the summer. 

Click here for more information on the economics peer advisors and their advising schedule.


Follow our Economics Peer Advising Facebook group for the latest information on undergraduate advising and events.


Professional Advisors can meet with intended and declared economics majors. You can schedule an appointment with any Undergraduate Advisor in the department of Economics. Appointments are reserved on Cal Central. Scheduled appointments are required for the following reasons:

  • Official graduation degree checks on economics major requirements
  • Obtaining advisor signatures on any documents
  • Questions or concerns that require evaluation of your student academic record

Economics Advisors CANNOT advise on College or University requirements or their policies and procedures (i.e breadth or university requirements, staying extra semesters past the unit ceiling, or questions regarding the degree list). Please make an appointment to meet with your College (L&S) Advisor regarding these concerns. 


Login to Cal Central to schedule an appointment with an Economics advisor. We offer in-person, phone, and Skype appointments. Drop-in appointments with a Professional Advisor are not available.

Please plan ahead when scheduling an appointment with an Economics Advisor. Waiting time for advising appointments can be up to two weeks during busy times.

Please DO NOT schedule multiple appointments with different advisors to discuss the same questions. This makes less appointments available to other students, and is a duplication of efforts for advisors. 


When you make an appointment, we set aside that time specifically for you. Only schedule an appointment that you are certain you can attend, as no-shows and last minute cancellations prevent us from assisting other Economics majors.

Canceling appointments: If you are not able to attend your appointment, you must cancel your appointment in advance online or contact your advisor by email.

Arriving late to your scheduled appointment: If you know you will be late to your appointment, you must notify your advisor by email. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment and have not notified your advisor, the appointment will be cancelled and you will need to re-schedule another appointment online.

No Show: If you do not show up to TWO or more appointments with an economics advisor, the department reserves the right to cancel any future appointments.