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Economics Undergraduate Advising Team

Carlos Garcia 

(Assistant Director

of Undergraduate Student Services)

Mildred Flores 

(Undergraduate Advisor)

Ashley Vera 

(Undergraduate Advisor)



Economics Undergraduate Advising Office
539 Evans Hall (5th Floor)
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880


The mission of the Economics Student Services Department is to advise students holistically by providing a high standard of service in a supportive and collaborative environment. Undergraduate and peer advisors work as a team to provide accurate information to students in a timely manner. We partner with faculty to assist students in engaging with the campus and the global economics community. We value fairness, diversity, and the important roles our students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Economics play at the University of California, Berkeley.

Connect with our advisors virtually at the following links:

If you or someone you know if experiencing financial, food, housing, or other basic needs challenges - you can find support and services at



Our Economics Peer Advisors are availabel for quick questions from students in Evans 539.

Topics you can get help with through the Economics Peer Front Desk:

  • Clarification on Economics major requirements and admission policies
  • Help with course selection and schedule planning for the Economics major
  • Support navigating campus and department resources 
  • Guidance on whether to make an appointment with an Economics advisor or to use a different resource


To connect with an Economics advisor during virtual drop-in hours, please check in here using your UC Berkeley account. After checking in, you will be placed ina a Zoom breakout room with an Economics advisor.

NOTE: In order to attend a zoom meeting offered through UC Berkeley you must be logged in to zoom with your UC Berkeley account (not your personal gmail). Instructions on how to log in to zoom as a UC Berkeley student can be found here.

Drop-in advising will not be available during spring break; March 27th - March 31st.

While most advising questions can be addressed on a drop-in basis, some topics may require an appointment. Depending on the advising need, advisors may ask students to schedule a follow-up appointment if the question cannot be addressed during drop-in hours. 

*CHECK IN FORM* Please use the link to check in; you will then be directed to the Zoom room after confirmation. You may only access the form by using your email address.

*Subject to availability. All times listed as Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please scan the QR code in the office upon arrival to check-in for in-person drop advising.


Please schedule an appointment using the links below. Only appointments scheduled with a email will be accepted. If no scheduled appointments are available, then please see the drop-in calendar for other advising availability. Example appointment topics include scheduling/course selection, academic/career goals, academic difficulty, and navigating campus resources. Appointment topics outside our department included financial aid, withdrawal, and readmission.

Scheduled appointments will not be available during spring break; March 27th - March 31st. Email all questions to


Virtual Appointments

Monday Only

The virtual appointment calendar features virtual appointments only and are held via Zoom. Zoom links are added to calendar invites after appointment requests are confirmed.

Virtual & In-Person Appointments

Tuesday - Thursday

The hybrid appointment calendar includes both in-person and virtual appointment options. In-person appointments will be held in 539 Evans Hall.


Please try your best to cancel your appointment if you cannot attend. No shows are recorded. Multiple no shows may result in future appointments being declined. See Appointment No Show/Cancellation Policy for more information.



Completed forms can be submitted using the links below. If you do not see your form listed in the table below (e.g. Minor completion, UCEAP Academic Planning, Designated Degree Plan) please email your completed form to for review and signing. If you have any questions or concerns about the form you are completing we recommend you make an appointment with an Econ advisor.


Student Services Applications/FORMS

ECON 197 (Academic Internship Credit)

ECON 199 (Independent Study in Research)

Double Major /Simultaneous Degree Application




Economics peer advisors are a valuable resource for prospective and current economics students. Our peer advisors are trained by the undergraduate advising staff on department policies and procedures. They are very knowledgeable about the economics department because they have completed the process of declaring the major, and have taken economics courses on-campus. We encourage students to consult with them about their experiences in the Economics major.

Peer advisors can also be contacted via email at



Peer Advising appointments are available! We encourage new students pursuing an Economics major to seek out advice from our Peer Advisors. Our Peer Advisors are current Berkeley students majoring in Economics. They can help to answer your questions about the major and give you suggestions based on their experience as students


Book your appointment! Topics for your Peer Advising Appointment

Meet with Felicia!

Meet with Serena!

Meet with Sophie!

Meet with Nita!

Meet with Thi!

  • Clarification on Economics major requirements and admission policies
  • Help with course selection and schedule planning for the Economics major
  • Support navigating campus and department resources 
  • Consult with peers about their experiences in the Economics major (This is especially great for new students!)


Please note that the undergraduate advisors must prioritize advising appointments with continuing Berkeley students. If you are not a continuing student at UC Berkeley, we may not be able to schedule a meeting with you. If you are applying to UC Berkeley and have general questions about the Economics major, please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at or email