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All Economics Peer Advising Services are virtual until further notice.


Economics peer advisors are a valuable resource for prospective and current economics students.Our peer advisors are trained by the undergraduate advising staff on department policies and procedures. They are very knowledgeable about the economics department because they have completed the process of declaring the major, and have taken economics courses on-campus. We encourage students to consult with them about their experiences in the Economics major.


If your questions require the review of your academic records, please refer to an Academic Advisor. Visit our advising website to view your options for getting in touch with an Academic Advisor.


To connect with a Peer Advisor, feel free to use one of the following options:

Virtual Front Desk


Peer Advising Appointments (Coming Soon)



Meet the Peer Advising Team


Dayne Tran

Major(s)/Minor(s): BAs in Computer Science and Economics

Areas of interest in economics: International Trade, Behavioral Economics, game theory

Interests outside of school: Coding, Basketball, Football, Reading/Writing

Postgraduate Plans: My plans are still relatively vague. Once I'm done with undergrad, I'll either try to enter graduate school or find work in the startup world.



Ellice Huang

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics, Data Science minor

Areas of interest in economics: Economic development, public and health economics, and econometrics

Interests outside of school: Weightlifting, swimming, traveling, and dogs

Postgraduate Plans: Spending time with friends and family, working in forensic tech consulting, and pursuing grad school for public policy or economics

Fang Liu

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics major & Data Science (minor) 

Areas of interest in economics: Economic Development, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, Industrial Organization

Interests outside of school: Learning new sports, practicing self-care, and travel. 

Postgraduate Plans: Pursuing a career in the industry and potentially going to grad school!

Diana Valenzuela

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics & Political Science 

Areas of interest in economics: I really enjoy behavioral economics because it connects psychology and economics, teaching us why it is that humans behave a certain way and how it affects their decision-making. 

Interests outside of school: I really enjoy listening and finding new music, I could literally spend hours creating playlists. However, I also love watching documentaries and going hiking with my friends. 

Postgraduate Plans: When I graduate I want to work as a financial analyst for a while, but then want to pursue my dream of going to law school. I want to study corporate law, so I would like to work first to get a feel of what it is like in the corporate world and then continue on with my studies. Hopefully, becoming a good corporate lawyer in the future! 

Jasmine Kamalnathan

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics & Public Policy (minor)

Areas of interest in economics: Economic inequality and the intersection of economics and public policy

Interests outside of school: I love to cook and bake!

Postgraduate Plans: Law School Hopeful :)

Kristina Zeng

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics (Major), Data Science + Art History (Minor)

Areas of interest in economics: Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics

Interests outside of school: Law, Art, Dance, Crystals!

Postgraduate Plans: JD/MBA

Matthew Kim

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics

Areas of interest in economics: My areas of interest in economics are mainly understanding decision making and micro policy.

Interests outside of school: Outside of school, I love to cook, play video games, and spend time with my fraternity brothers. I'm currently trying to get better at skating and go to the gym more consistently.

Postgraduate Plans: Although I don't know exactly what I want to do post-graduation, I would love to break into the film industry and avoid investment banking at all costs.

Saifu Xu

Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics, Sociology & Global Studies

Areas of interest in economics: Game Theory and Inequality 

Interests outside of school: snowboarding and figure skating

Postgraduate Plans: Graduate school and hopefully become a professor one day.


Connecting with an Economics Peer Advisor


Peer Advisor Appointments  (Coming Soon)


We encourage new students pursuing an Economics major to seek out advice from our Peer Advisors. Our Peer Advisors are current Berkeley students majoring in Economics. They can help to answer your questions about the major and give you suggestions based on their experience as students


Topics you can get help with through a Peer Advising Appointment:

  • Clarification on Economics major requirements and admission policies
  • Help with course selection and schedule planning for the Economics major
  • Support navigating campus and department resources 
  • Consult with peers about their experiences in the Economics major (This is especially great for new students!)


To schedule an appointment with an Economics Peer Advisor click here. When booking your appointment, please include your first and last name, your student ID number and a quick note telling us what you would like to discuss. All appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

  • At the time of your appointment, you must be signed on to your email address. Open your bCal (Berkeley student calendar) using your student account and you will see the meeting on your calendar. When you open the meeting, click on to "Join with Google Meet".


Email the Peer Advising Team


If you would like to discuss course plans, major requirements, ask for advice or hear about our Peer Advisor's experience as a Berkeley student and Economics major, feel free to contact our Peers via email and other options.


Peer advisors can also be contacted via email at: