Applying to the Economics Major

Applying to the Economics Major

Read this page in its entirety for details on the admissions process.

The Fall 2018 application is CLOSED! No further applications will be accepted.

The Spring 2019 application will open on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. The deadline will be Friday, February 22, 2019 at 4:00 pm.

 If you have questions e-mail

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Economics Major.  Economics is a capped major.  All applicants must review the information below prior to submitting the application.  We recommend that students apply during the semester that they are completing their final prerequisite courses. For most students, this is during their sophomore year. For transfer students, you must apply during the first semester on the UC Berkeley campus.


Non-transfer students must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average in the prerequisite courses taken at Berkeley, and a gpa of 3.0 in any prerequisite courses taken at another institution.

Transfer students must have a minimum 3.0 in the prerequisite transfer courses, and a minimum 2.7 grade point average in prerequisite courses taken at Berkeley. 


Only economics prerequisite courses taken at UC Berkeley are calculated to determine admission to the economics major. AP/IB/A-level exam scores and equivalent transfer credit can be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements, but are NOT used in the GPA calculation for admission to the major.

Unit Cap/Semester Cap

Non-transfer students must apply to the major prior to reaching 80 units of post-high school coursework (including in-progress courses), or at the beginning of their fifth semester (not including summers) of post-high school coursework, whichever comes second. We do not accept applications from graduating seniors or students in their fourth (or later) year of studies, even if it is not the student's first major. There are no exceptions.

Transfer students must apply to the major at the beginning of their first semester on campus. Summer session prior to the academic year does not count as the first semester. Applications will not be accepted from second-semester transfer students. There are no exceptions.

Prerequisite Coursework

For detailed information about prerequisite courses, please view the appropriate page for students who enter Berkeley as a FRESHMAN or TRANSFER student. You can apply to the major with your last prerequisite course(s) in-progress. Your prerequisite GPA will be calculated at the end of the semester after your official grades are recorded. 


  • List the grades you earned in the prerequisite courses in the spaces provided. Misreporting of grades, mistakenly or intentional, will result in an automatic denial to the major.
  • All prerequisites and courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade. If you change a prerequisite course to P/NP during the semester in which you apply, you will automatically be denied admission to the major.


  • You may use AP or IB or A-Level scores for the Calculus or Introductory Economics courses. We do not accept the AP statistics scores. Statistics 2 will not satisfy the prerequisite requirement.
  • If you have taken both an AP exam and the equivalent Berkeley course, we will only take into consideration the Berkeley course grade for admissions purposes. Please see "freshmen" or "transfer students" in the sidebar for more specific information.
  • If you took the math or statistics course at another 4-year institution, or an out-of-state community college, you must include the Equivalency form from either the Math or Statistics Department. If your coursework was taken at a California Community College, and is listed on as an equivalent course, you do not need to submit additional forms.


  • Only ONE semester of macro or micro economic theory is required in order to apply to the major. If you have completed both parts of the A-B sequence, both grades will be counted. EEP 100 is not accepted. UGBA 101A will NOT be accepted after Spring 2009, and there are no exceptions to this.  Students who take UGBA 101A are ineligible to apply for the Economics major.   

Repeating Courses and Unit Issues

The University will not grant credit for Stat 20, 21 (or W21) to students who have already completed Stat 2. The Economics Department will allow students to take Stat 20, 21 or W21 after completing Stat 2. Though they will not receive academic credit, the Stat 20 or 21/W21 grade will satisfy the prerequisite for the major. For all other situations, the department will only honor repeated courses if they fall within University guidelines.

The Economics Department will honor repeated courses if they fall within University guidelines. Courses that fall outside these guidelines will not be calculated for admission to the major. For in-depth information on repeating courses, please refer to the Registrar's Website.

The Department will accept only ONE repeat of ONE prerequisite course. Students who repeat more than one prerequisite course are subject to additional review by the undergraduate chair. If you have concerns about repeating multiple courses, please speak with an undergraduate advisor.

Alternate Majors

All students should plan for an alternate major. Transfer students and students with a prerequisite GPA of 3.1 or lower will be required to list an alternate major on the application. Please note that Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) is a capped major and Political Economy has some restrictions on declaring the major. For more information about EEP see and for Political Economy see:

Economics advisors are available to discuss alternative majors.  We also strongly recommend meeting with an advisor in the College of Letters and Science if you are having trouble picking an alternate major.

Application Information

By submitting the application form, you certify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Any student found to have provided false documentation may be referred to the Center for Student Conduct and Community Standards for further investigation, and will automatically be denied from the major.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at

  • If you have submitted an application in the past you will not be able to apply again online.  Please email us for assistance with submitting another application.
  • You will be asked to enter your grades for the prerequisite courses. It will be useful to have your Bearfacts transcript available for reference. 
  • If you are transferring any coursework you will be asked to upload an unofficial copy of your transcript as a .pdf file as soon as you have completed the application. Please have this available.

Admissions Notification

Admissions decisions will not be made until any prerequisite courses in progress are finished and grades are available (approximately 2 weeks after grades are posted for the semester). Admissions results will be sent via email once all applications are reviewed. Admission is based solely on the gpa, and other criteria as listed above. If you meet all the criteria for admission, you will be admitted! 

SUMMER APPLICATIONS: Students applying to the major during a summer term are notified at the end of the summer. "Early Review" is not available during the summer.


Fall 2018 Economics Application IS CLOSED!

No further applications will be accepted.