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Consistently ranked among the world’s very best departments, our graduates impact their fields across many industries. Berkeley Economics faculty have been recognized through Nobel prizes, John Bates Clark Medals, Sloan Fellowships and more. The department's long history of excellence in teaching has been recognized with numerous UC Berkeley Distinguished Teaching Awards. By being a Berkeley Economics supporter, you provide vital funding for the teaching and research that has distinguished Berkeley Economics since 1903.

Berkeley Economics is one of the largest majors at UC Berkeley, with 1343 undergraduate students, and issuing more undergraduate degrees per year than any other program on campus.   Your investments make sure that we provide our students with the best possible learning experience, including teaching assistants support, curriculum advancement, facility updates, and more.  Thank you for being a valued member of our community and for choosing to support the people of Berkeley Economics.

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“Look back at what matters to you. What got you excited about solving tomorrow’s problems? If Econ is what helped you get there and work on what you care about, then you will find ways to give back.”

-Econ Alum Elena Sanina, ‘10