Chairs & Managers

Title Name Phone Email
Chair Andres Rodriguez-Clare 510-643-1654
Vice Co-Chair (s) Curriculum Emi Nakamura, Jon Steinsson (510) 642-5837; 642-3674

Vice Chair Administration Emmanuel Saez    
Personnel Chair Chris Shannon (510) 643-7283
Graduate Chair Yuriy Gorodnichenko 510-643-0720
Placement Chair Benjamin Handel  510-643-0708
Undergraduate Chair Demian Pouzo 510-642-6709
Admissions Chair Supreet Kaur
Equity Advisor Bryan S. Graham 510-642-4752
Director of Administration Phil Walz 510-642-2390
Director of Student Services Michelle Fong 510-642-1966
Director of Academic Personnel  Emil Schissel
Director of Finance and Business Millie Calingo 510-643-5161