The Emergency Assembly Area (EAA) Location is the lawn area west of Evans Hall, between Evans Hall and University Drive. Please go here as an assembly point in case of emergency. This is our meeting point for fire drills as well. 


For building maintenance issues, please email


To view the Building Emergency Plan for Evans Hall, please go here:


Emergency information

Staying Safe on Campus


UC Berkeley Safety Resources



Did You Know? Fire drills are required by California Fire Code to be conducted once a year in your high rise building.

Some things to keep in mind anytime you hear the fire alarm sound:

1.      Always evacuate the building immediately! Close your office or lab door and take your keys with you.

2.      Know at least 2 exits from your building, just in case one of them is obstructed in an emergency.

3.      Once you have exited the building, proceed to your designated Emergency Assembly Area.

4.      Do not re-enter the building until a public safety official allows it.

5.      Always take the stairs if you are located on the upper levels. Never attempt to take an elevator when the fire alarm has activated. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the campus Fire Prevention Division at