The following information and resources are collected here in support of coordinating the department seminars.


Faculty Supervisor:  Seminar (speaker) Schedule and Supervision

  1. The faculty member assigned to the seminar is responsible for overseeing the seminar.  Primary responsibilities include setting the seminar (visitor) schedule, monitoring budget and expenses, and identifying a graduate student seminar coordinator who will oversee the seminar calendar and various logistics (see below).  The graduate student seminar coordinator will receive a small stipend. Please inform Phil (who will be emailing you separately) once you have identified your seminar coordinator, but no later than the start of the semester. 


  2. The following Economics staff oversee aspects of the seminars, working primarily and directly with your seminar (graduate student) coordinator: 


Graduate Student Coordinator:  Seminar Calendar, Lodging, and general Logistics

  1. The graduate student assigned by the faculty member to oversee the seminar is primarily responsible for inputting the speaker schedule within the campus calendar system, orientating visitors prior to arrival and day-of-seminar, and coordinating logistical details.  


  2. The following resource page includes detailed information and instructions regarding the coordinator's responsibilities.


Seminar Visitor Resources and Information:  Travel FAQ, Reimbursements

  1. The following visitor resource page includes general visitor information and answers commonly asked questions about lodging, transportation and reimbursements.