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We look forward to you presenting at one of our upcoming seminars, within the Department of Economics.  For logistical questions (including questions about travel, lodging, or meals) your first point of contact is the seminar coordinator or assistant listed on the seminars page. The Travel FAQ below has been put together for your direct reference and provides instructions in regards to commonly asked questions.

Travel FAQ | Travel Policy in a Nutshell | Campus Access Requirements


You will be responsible for securing your flight reservation.  Per University policy, we will reimburse an economy airfare ticket purchased several weeks in advance.  Seminar funds are limited, and we greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping airfare costs to a minimum.

Ground Transportation

For ground transportation, we encourage you to take a taxi/Uber or the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train. Whatever works best for you at the time of your arrival.  Expect to pay about $40 for a taxi from the Oakland Airport to campus and about $70 to $100 for a taxi from the San Francisco airport.

BART:  The train from SFO is a direct connection and avoids commuter traffic coming over the Bay bridge (2:30 - 7pm) -  it takes about 60 minutes or less. From Oakland Intl airport the BART ride is even shorter because you do not cross the Bay Bridge. 

  • From SFO airport, take the air shuttle to the SF Intl Bart station. Catch the Pittsburg/Bay Point train and transfer at 19th street/Oakland (or MacArthur) to a Richmond train, which will bring you to the Downtown Berkeley station. 
  • From Oakland airport, take the air shuttle to the Coliseum station and then transfer to the Richmond train.
  • From the Downtown Berkeley BART station, walk South on Shattuck Ave; Hotel Shattuck is on the corner of Shattuck Ave and Allston Way, about a 1 minute walk from the station.

Lodging and Meals

The seminar coordinator will arrange lodging and most meals.

Lodging: Depending on your location, the seminar coordinator will book either 1 or 2 nights for domestic travelers and 2 to 3 nights for international travelers (paid by the department via direct bill).  Econ covers room and tax only. If additional nights are needed, please speak to your faculty contact.

Please let the seminar coordinator know your itinerary and for what night(s) you will be needing hotel accommodations so we can make the necessary reservation. They will send you a confirmation once the arrangements are made at one of the following two hotels, which are close to campus: 

Hotel Graduate Berkeley
Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Meals:  The seminar coordinator will arrange lunch and dinner on the day of the seminar. 


Department of Economics will reimburse the following expenses:

  • Round-trip economy class airfare - direct flight; 
  • Ground transportation per University policy.  
  • Additional expenses or incidentals reimbursable with approval of faculty host 

Scan and email the following documents to your seminar coordinator:  (All receipts must be dated, itemized and indicate proof of payment (such as a receipt showing last 4 digits of credit card, cash or check payment, or a credit card statement). Please note if currency used for payment was not in US Dollars please provide English translated receipt.)

  1. Signed:  Travel Reimbursement Form (1/18/23)
  2. Airfare receipt (e-receipt or flight itinerary must be submitted and show proof of payment. ie. last 4 digits of credit card)
  3. Ground transportation receipts, if applicable.
  4. NOTE:  If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, documentation guidelines by visa classification can be found here.  Required documentation includes
    • a copy of your passport photo page
    • I-94.  If an I-94 is not available, the visa stamp page and most recent entry stamp may be used
    • If you have ESTA, a copy of ESTA and the visa stamp page/most recent entry stamp is required
    • UCW8-BEN 
    • Certification of Academic Activity.
  5. Reimbursement requests must be received within 14 days of the end of the trip.
  6. Travel FAQ and additional information on campus travel policies: Travel Policy in a Nutshell


General Visitor Information

Useful campus and Bay Area information: 

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