General expenses = non-travel and entertainment items such as: supplies (books, posters, toner, etc.), internet bills, journal subscription fees, publishing fees, and electronic devices purchases

Steps of Procedure:

  1. Gather your receipts and/or other proof of payments
    • Include all invoices/bills and receipts. They can be either copies or original documents, physical or PDFs.
    • Credit card payments must include the last four digits of the card used.
    • For orders, the receipt must be “Final Details” version.
    • For internet service payments, please also fill out the Internet Usage Memo.
    • For electronic communication devices purchase (such as cellphones and laptops), please also complete the ECR form.pdf.
    • If you lost your receipts, you can
  2. Fill out the General Reimbursement Request form. The form can also be found in Econ Main Office. You can use the same form for multiple individual expenses.
    • Be sure to specify the business purpose(s) of each expense.
    • Please indicate which funding you would like to use (either a full chart string or name of the fund account). If you are not sure, contact Finance (
    • Sign and date.
      • Faculty/fund owner must sign (as approver) even if the reimbursement is for someone else but using your funds. So two signatures total in this case.
  3. Compile your request form plus all other documents and drop them off in main office (put them in the “Finance” inbox) or scan and email them to Finance (
  4. You are done! – Someone from the Finance Team will reach out to you if any additional information is needed regarding the reimbursement.


*We will submit all the documents to Campus Shared Services (CSS) for processing. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for you to receive the reimbursement, depending on CSS work-flow.