Placement Information and Timeline

Key Dates and Deadlines:


May 2


648 Evans

PLACEMENT MEETING: All students planning to be on the Job Market must attend this meeting. Students interested in learning more about the placement process are also welcome to attend.

June 9

DEADLINE to give preliminary notice of intent to be on the job market.

August 29


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PLACEMENT MEETING: Submitting job applications

Note: any changes will be communicated. 

September 6

DEADLINE to submit job market packet e-forms and give final notice of intent to be on the job market.

September 13 DEADLINE to meet with the Placement Chair to discuss draft of job market paper and first draft of
CV. Come to the meeting with your first draft.

September 13


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PLACEMENT MEETING: Submitting applications & letters of recommendation 

October 1 DEADLINE: send a preliminary final draft of your job market paper to your advisors
October 7

FINAL DATE to be taken off the roster. If you are not going to be ready in time, get your name out of the roster!

October 18



Wellness on the Job Market

Time: 1-2pm

October 25

DEADLINE for faculty to turn in Letters of Recommendation to the Graduate Office via email to Placement Coordinator.

EARLY NOVEMBER DEADLINE: Final job market paper ready for applications

November 1

Placement Website goes live and Job Market Roster is emailed out (Approximately 400 academic institutions and 50 non-academic organizations.)

November 30 


639 Evans

PLACEMENT MEETING: Interviews and Fly-outs

Late November -
Early December 
Mock Interviews Scheduled with Faculty 

January 5-7, 2024



Useful Links 

American Economic Association

Resources for developing a teaching portfolio