Job Market-November to December

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Early November MAILING OF APPLICATION PACKETS: Your applications (based on JOE listings) should be submitted, ideally, on November 1, but no later than November 15. Each day's delay beyond November 15 will cost you interviews.
November 30 PLACEMENT MEETING 5PM 597 Evans Hall: Interviews and Fly-Backs
December SCHEDULE INTERVIEWS: Most students should accept all interviews offered. The ideal number is 12-20. You can go above 20 if you are able to schedule many of them on January 4 and January 5. If you reach 12 interviews early in the process, discuss strategy for accepting additional interviews with the Placement Officer. It is fine to politely decline an interview if your schedule is full, but there is no polite way to cancel an interview once you have scheduled it. Allow sufficient time between interviews: the minimum is 15 minutes if they are in the same hotel, longer if you must travel from one hotel to another.
Late December Deadline TBA to enter AEA interview schedule onto online scheduling system.