Job Market-Summer

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Summer 2024 JOB MARKET PAPER (JMP): The time between now and November 1 is a critical time in your graduate school career. The time committed to your JMP will often feel overwhelming and we understand the pressure. By the time you release the paper, ideally November 1, it must be polished, and look ready to submit to a journal. You need not have done absolutely everything that could be done on the subject, but the paper cannot contain any obvious holes. It is strongly advised to show drafts to your committee members on a regular basis, obtain feedback and provide them evidence in order to write their recommendation letters. Prepare ample time to polish and tidy up your paper, it often takes longer than expected. A helpful exercise is to allocate what you think is a reasonable time to this process, then double it. Remember to take care of yourself through the writing process.
July 1 SEMINAR ARRANGEMENTS: Contact the faculty member(s) organizing the seminar(s) appropriate for your work. Ask for a time slot in the fall. You really need a full 90-minute time slot; if the organizer suggests you share a slot with another student, please let the Placement Chair know. The optimal time depends on the state of your paper. If it is going to be in rough form in the early fall, it is advised to schedule the seminar in September or early October, so that you will have time to revise the paper with the feedback received before it is necessary to send it. If your advisors tell you the paper is in good shape, it may be better to present it in November, when it is more polished, because this will provide a better rehearsal for your interviews and fly-outs.