Job Market-October

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October 1 DEADLINE: send a preliminary draft of your job market paper to your advisors
October 7

FINAL DATE to be taken off the roster. If you are not going to be ready in time, get your name out of the roster!

DEADLINE : Final date to forward PDF version of CV to for posting on web AND have your personal professional website up and running.

October TBD

Wellness on the Job Market


October 25 TARGET DATE for faculty to email Letters of Recommendation to the Graduate Office
( Some letters will arrive later, but they should be coming in around this date.
November 1 ROSTER MAILING: Roster containing information about each candidate with attached vitae will be sent via email to approximately 400 academic institutions and 50 non-academic institutions.
November 1 Placement Website goes live.
November 1 DEADLINE: Final job market paper ready for applications