How To Stay Enrolled in an Economics Course


(Undergraduate Courses Only)

To stay enrolled in an Economics course, you must attend all of your course's lecture and section meetings during the first 5 days of classes. Attendance will be taken.

If you do not attend the lecture and/or section in which you are officially enrolled during the first 5 days of classes, you will be dropped. If you are dropped, your space will be given to somebody else and you will have no priority to re-add; your name will go to the end of the waiting list for the course. Faculty and GSIs will print out their roll sheets before each lecture and/or section meeting and take attendance from these lists. If you switch sections through Cal Central during the first week, we might not know about it. To make sure you are not dropped from the course, you will need to contact both the original GSI in whose section you were officially enrolled as well as the new GSI.

If you have already missed the first meeting(s) of the course but do not want to be dropped, then you must do one of the following:

  1. If your course has discussion sections, ask the GSIs of all sections you were officially enrolled in during the first week to not drop you.
  2. If your course does NOT have discussion sections, contact the Economics Head GSI ( explaining that you missed lecture, but do not want to be dropped. Include your name, SID number, and the course number.

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