(Undergraduate Classes Only)

If your section was cancelled, you have NOT been dropped from the main class. You must, however, use CalCentral and switch to a section with space in it. When you use CalCentral to do this, DO NOT try to do this by first dropping the main class and then re-adding it. Switch sections by using the CalCentral Switch Section option.

To find an open section, you should use Schedule of Classes  before using CalCentral. To find an open section go to  Schedule of Classes then search for the course you are trying to add.

The only way to change sections is through CalCentral. The time frame in which this is possible is listed on the Office of the Registrar page. If you are unable to get into a section that is acceptable to you, your only option is to drop the course.

If you were waitlisted for a section that was cancelled, then you should logon to CalCentral to switch your section waiting list, as described above.

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