(Undergraduate Courses Only)

First: Understand that GSIs print out enrollment lists for their sections during the first 5 days of classes. Students on the enrollment lists who do not attend section are dropped. If you change sections during the first 5 days of classes, we will not know about it. Consequently, if you want to avoid being dropped from the class, you MUST contact both the GSI of the section you were originally enrolled with as well as your new official GSI.

To change your section, you must log into CalCentral and switch to a section with space in it. DO NOT drop the course and then re-add it. Switch sections using the CalCentral Switch Section option.

To find an open section, you should use Schedule of Classes before using CalCentral. To find an open section go to Schedule of Classes then search for the course you are trying to add. You cannot switch to a section that is fully enrolled.

HELPFUL HINT: If the section you want is full, try to enroll in another section taught by the same GSI. GSI names are listed on the online Schedule of Classes. If you are successful, then just tell the GSI that you are enrolled in one of his/her sections, but will be attending the other.

Swapping sections with another student can only be done when there is space available in one of the two sections. If both sections are full, the swap cannot be done - the Head GSI, nor your GSI, nor the instructor of the course will be able to perform the swap.

The only way to change sections is through CalCentral. If you are unable to get into a section that is acceptable to you, your only option is to drop the course.

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