Teaching Resources


How do I order textbooks and supplies for students in my classes?

Many faculty can order textbooks themselves through the Faculty Portal, an online service of the campus bookstore. Access into the system is Cal Net authenticated, so you should need any special password or login. For assistance, please go to Faculty Portal Help. Textbook orders are due about 5 months before teh semester begins. Additional information about how to order books and deadlines please review: Textbook Affordablity and Accessibility.

Joe Sibol in the main office can also handle the ordering of your texts. Joe notifies all faculty when he needs book orders and will forward your textbook list to the Cal Student Store, located in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union. Joe can also talk with you about ordering desk copies for your GSIs.

What is the University policy on photocopying copyrighted materials?

The University of California updated its policies on Copyright and Fair Use in 2015, which describe prohibitions against copyright infringement and define fair use in the reproduction of copyrighted materials for teaching and research. If you need help in deciding what you may use and whether it constitutes fair use, the University has published some useful guidelines.

Additional information about using copyrighted material in the classroom can be found at The Center for Teaching and Learning.

How do I have a reader or handbook duplicated for students?

Faculty use several independent copy services near campus for reader duplication and distribution . Most are quite busy at the beginning of the semester and it's to your benefit to get master copies to them as far in advance as possible.

For assistance, please contact Joe Sibol (joesibol@berkeley.edu).

How do I get an electronic copy of my class enrollment?

You can view your enrollment roster via CalCentral:

  • Log in to Cal Central using your Cal Net ID number and password.
  • Click on the My Dashboard tab. You will see a list of the courses you are teaching.
  • Click on a particular course. Then click on Class Roster in the upper right corner of the new page.
  • You will see your roster. You can download an electronic copy of it by clicking on Export, which will export your roster information into an Excel spreadsheet.

For a useful guide, please review the job aid, CalCentral Quick Guide for Instructors

What is bCourses and how do I use it in my courses?

bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS). This web-based tool provides a resource for instructors and students to enrich the teaching and learning experience. bCourses is integrated with our Academic Integrity, Clickers, CalCentral, and Course Capture services. Instructors can create new or upload existing course materials and build graded activities within bCourses, while also using it to communicate with and provide feedback to students. It offers a variety of built-in assessment tools, as well as an opportunity to integrate external tools to customize the course experience.

bCourses is supported by Educational Technology Services, which provides free training and assistance to faculty. Please see the Educational Technology-bCourses website for Instructors Getting Started.

You can access bCourses with your Cal Net ID.