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(Please note that instructors do not directly manage course enrollment)

Why is my undergraduate course so crowded?

The enrollment limit in undergraduate economics courses is determined by the department; maximum enrollment cannot exceed classroom size. However, most undergraduate courses are severely impacted and demand often exceeds the number of seats available. At the beginning of the semester, you might have more attendees than are listed on your enrollment roster because waitlisted students will be attending your class during the first few weeks of instruction in hope of eventually getting off the waitlist. Students often register for more courses than they intend to take and drop their unwanted courses between the third and fifth week (a.k.a. "shop and drop"). Your classroom may be crowded during this time, but after the fifth-week drop deadline, your room will be able to accommodate all of your enrolled students.

What is my obligation to students on the waitlist?

For undergraduate courses, you will not play a role in giving students a place on the waitlist. If students pressure you for a place on the waitlist, instruct them to write to an advisor at ugrad@econ.berkeley.edu. Unless otherwise requested, Cal Central will create a waitlist when your course—or any particular seat-reservation category—is full. Waitlists are managed automatically. Cal Central automatically enrolls waitlisted students as space becomes available, and waitlists are processed four times each day. If a student is on the waitlist, they will simply need to wait until a seat becomes available. If a student mentions any extenuating circumstances for their need to enroll, they may be eligible for a permission number (see below). There is nothing more you need to do.

What is the "Permission Number" process?

Most classes have a few seats set aside for enrollment by permission number. In the Econ Dept, these seats are managed by the Head GSI (headgsi@econ.berkeley.edu) by means of an application process and a set of priorities (majors, graduating seniors, etc). Please direct any students interested in applying for a permission number to room 548 Evans Hall the first week of classes. The Head GSI accepts paper applications for permission numbers starting the first day of classes and up to the end of the second week of classes. If there happens to be a student you specifically want enrolled into the course, please let the Head GSI know.

Are students automatically dropped for non-attendance?

No. Students may be dropped from impacted courses (1, 100A/B, 136, 140…) if they fail to attend their section during the first week, but this process is entirely handled by the GSIs and staff. Otherwise, it is up to the student to drop themselves from a course. 

Can I have a student dropped from the course?

You can drop students who have not attended class within the first two weeks, or who do not meet the prerequisites for the course, by contacting the Head GSI (headgsi@econ.berkeley.edu).  Students cannot be dropped for any other reason. 

Can I add an undergraduate student to my graduate level course?

Undergraduate students may enroll in graduate-level courses, but only with the instructor's approval. If you feel an undergraduate student is qualified to enroll in your course, please send an email to Patrick Allen (pallen@econ.berkeley.edu) with the student's name and SID. He will provide them with the necessary procedures to enroll. If the course is impacted, undergraduate students must wait until at least the end of the 3rd week of class to ensure all graduate students have been given an opportunity to enroll first.

How late in the semester are students allowed to drop or add my course?

Undergraduates may drop or add most classes up until Friday of the fifth week of the semester. Changes to students' schedules after these deadlines are extremely rare and require the student to petition the Dean of the College of Letters and Science (see below).

Graduate students may add or drop until the last day of instruction.

Should I sign a Request for Exceptional Change to Class Schedule?

After the forth week of the semester, any changes to an undergraduate student's schedule are required to submit the form of Late Change Class Schedule from the L&S Dean's Office. The student will need to get your signature in order to petition for a late add. It is the instructor's decision if s/he is willing to approve the add, and the instructor has no obligations to accommodate the request. After the instructor approves the add, the student will need to bring the form to the Undergraduate Advising Office (Evans 539) for a major advisor's signature (only for the student who are declared Economics as her/his major). The final step is to turn in the form to the L&S office (Evans 206). Please note the Late Change of Class Schedule form can be only used one time for the student's entire Berkeley career (find full instructions on the form). 

What are the policies for allowing concurrent enrollment?

The Concurrent Enrollment program allows individuals to enroll for credit in regular campus courses through UC Berkeley Extension without formally applying and being admitted to the University. Individuals must meet course prerequisites and can be admitted only if space is available after all regular students have been admitted. The enrollment of concurrent students is at the discretion of the Department, and enrollment is subject to any conditions the instructor or Department may prescribe.

Concurrent-enrollment procedures for the Economics Department follow a 3-step process. Step 1: Student completes the online application with the Concurrent Enrollment program. Step 2: If the student is accepted by UC Berkeley Extension, their request for a particular course is entered into an enrollment database that is shared with the Economics Department. Step 3: If space is available in the requested course, the department's enrollment manager will approve the request and the student will become enrolled. This approval can and often does require waiting until the end of the 4th or 5th week of the semester.

Students who enrolled in your course through concurrent enrollment will be identified on your enrollment roster as UC Berkeley Extension students.