Departmental Resources

After hours access to Evans Hall

UCPD Access and Control has implemented an Access/ID card system which combines your Cal ID card with cardkey access to authorized building(s) - gaining access requires activation of the card by the department's key controller.

To get your card activated please complete this google form. It will take one to two weeks for UCPD to process the request and activate your card for access.

You must be a Graduate Student in the Economics Department to be eligible for building access.

Job and Fellowship Postings

Current postings for job and fellowship opportunities are sent to the graduate student email list.

Copy Machines

Copy Machines are located in 532 Evans Hall. To arrange for use of the copy machines see Joe Sibol in 530 Evans Hall for an access code. Joe can also be of assistance if the copy machines jam or malfunction.

The Library

There is no department library at present. The campus library holds extensive collections of books, periodicals, and electronic resources. For some initial starting points, see our library resources for economists page. If you are looking for government statistics, try the government information live chat service from Doe library.

Fax Machine

A Fax Machine is available in the main office, 532 Evans Hall, and may be used for both incoming and outgoing academic related faxes.


Lockers are available free of charge, on a first come first serve basis with first year students given priority, located in 612 Evans on the 6th floor of Evans Hall. To claim an empty locker simply put your name on it and purchase a lock.


Mailboxes are provided to all current graduate students and are located in 612 Evans Hall.

Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding service is provided for students that graduate or otherwise permanently leave the Ph.D. program. To take advantage of this service, prior to departure, provide the Economics Graduate Office with several sheets of pre-addressed mailing labels. First class mail will be forwarded for three months or until all labels provided are used, whichever comes first. Thereafter all mail received will be returned to the sender. Bulk and third class mail will be discarded.

Main Office

Go to the Main Office, 530 Evans Hall, for access to graded final exams, to pay printing bills, and to submit department and campus one-time room requests. The Main Office also keeps copies of the current Economics course schedule as well as faculty office hour listings for the current semester.


Mentors are assigned to each student in the entering class and are to serve as a resource for students as they become acclimated to the program and to life in Berkeley. Continuing students may volunteer to be mentors by contacting the Economics Graduate Office.

Field Research Offices (FROs)

Space in Field Research Offices organized by field is provided as it becomes available to continuing students and is coordinated by the Graduate Economics Association.