Registry of Economics Course Home Pages, 2006

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Spring 2006
1, Introduction to Economics, K. Train
2, Introduction to Economics, C. Romer
100A, Microeconomics, G. Rausser
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100B, Macroeconomic Theory, R. Kaufman [B]
101B, Economic Theory - Macro, D. Romer [B]
113, American Economic History, J. Czelusta
115, The World Economy in the 20th Century, B. Eichengreen [B]
119, Psychology and Economics, B. Koszegi
121, Industrial Organization and Public Policy, J. Farrell
122, Industrial Organization Seminar , J. Farrell
131, Public Economics, E. Saez [B]
137, Aggregate Economics Seminar, R. Craine
140, Economic Statistics & Econometrics, G. Woroch
141, Econometric Analysis, M. Jansson
151, Labor Economics, M. Reich
153, Labor Economics Seminar, C. Brown
154, Economics of Discrimination, M. Olney
172, Case Studies in Econ Development, E. Miguel
173, Seminar on Economic Development, P. Bardhan
182, International Monetary Economics, M. Obstfeld
201B, Microeconomics, B. Koszegi
202B, Macroeconomics, D. Romer & C Jones
208, Micro Theory Seminar, A. Szeidl
210A, Introduction to Economic History, B. Eichengreen
210B, Topics in European Economic History, B. Eichengreen
215A, Political Economy, G. Roland
218, Psychology & Economics Seminar, B. Koszegi & U. Malmendier
220B, Industrial Organization, J. Farrell
221, Industrial Organization Seminar, J. Farrell
230B, Public Sector Microeconomics, E. Saez [B]
231, Public Finance Seminar, E. Saez
240B, Econometrics (first half), J. Powell
240B, Econometrics (second half), R. Smith
241A, Econometric Theory (first half), R. Smith
241A, Econometric Theory (second half), J. Powell
242, Econometrics Seminar, B. Graham
251, Labor Economics Seminar, K. Chay & D. Lee
261, Comparative Economics Seminar, Y. Qian
270C, Analytics of Economic Development and Planning, E. Miguel
271, Planning and Development Seminar, E. Miguel
280C, International Economics, M. Obstfeld
281, Seminar in International Economics, M. Obstfeld

Summer 2006
100B, Economic Analysis - Macro, G. Schwartz
136, Financial Economics, K. Gamble
161, Economics of Transition: Eastern Europe, G. Schwartz

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