Staff Profiles

Meet the members of the Economics Undergraduate Student Services advising team!




Kristian Dawson
Undergraduate Advisor 
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Literary Journalism, with Education Minor from the University of California, Irvine.
Started at Cal: I started at Berkeley in January 2015 with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Throughout my time at Berkeley, I have championed higher education access for students from diverse and underrepresented communities, and have partnered with schools and community-based organizations to increase knowledge of Berkeley's programs. Along with my passion for higher education access, I also have a passion for positive workplace culture and have served on a number of staff engagement teams on Berkeley's campus.
My goal is to provide students with tools and resources that bring "light" to their educational paths, and to build pride, trust, and community among staff to better serve our campus.
Alicia Mandac
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services and Undergraduate Advisor
Education: Bachelor of Art in Communication, with Education and Applied Psychology Minor from the University of California, Santa Barbara; Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan
Started at Cal: I began at Berkeley in July 2016 as an Academic Advisor in the College of Letters and Science and I joined the Department of Economics in November 2018. Prior to Cal, I was a Senior Academic Counselor in the College of Arts and Science at American University in Washington, DC. During my time there, I founded a peer advising program and discovered my passion for innovative student programming. My goal is to help students thrive in their undergraduate education and beyond.
Patrick G. Allen
Director of Student Services 
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Iowa; Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resources from Golden Gate University.
Started at Cal: I started my employment at UC Berkeley and the Department of Economics in 2006. Originally working as the Graduate Advisor for Economics Ph.D. students, I am familiar with general practices in terms of graduate admissions.
With over 20 years of experience working in higher education as an advisor and administrator, I enjoy working with students as they pursue their academic and career goals.





Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 Peer Advisors


  • Major(s): Economics
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Baking, travel 
  • Post graduate plans: Working!
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Utilize the tutoring that is offered through the Economics department and the SLC (Student Learning Center)! (They are super great for helping with tricky problem sets!)




  • Major(s): Economics and Data Science
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Economics, Financial Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Basketball, martial arts, movies, reading comic books 
  • Post graduate plans: Work before potentially pursuing an MBA!
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Don't be afraid to ask your GSIs and Professors for help, and go to office hours as much as possible. Make the most of your time at Cal but don't procrastinate!





  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics and Urban Studies
  • Areas of interest in economics: Urban Economics
  • Interests outside of school: listening to music, watching movies, dancing, exploring new places
  • Post graduate plans: Grad school, work
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Plan ahead. If you don't know, ask questions. Don't be afraid to talk to your peers, GSIs, and professors. Put your health first, and remember to drink water. 





  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics and Urban Studies
  • Areas of interest in economics: Urban Economics, Development Economics
  • Interests outside of school: queer art, electronic music and hip hop/rap, traveling, food culture, hiking
  • Post graduate plans: City/Transportation Planning or Real Estate Development, Grad School
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Take charge of your education, get involved, ask lots of questions. Care for yourself and others, and do good things!





  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics and Public Policy
  • Areas of interest in economics: Economic/monetary policy, behavioral economics
  • Interests outside of school: Cooking/baking, trying out restaurants, working out
  • Post graduate plans: Law school, the Army, and maybe public service?
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Finding a rhythm and being able to find a balance is hard and takes constant work, but I think finding the way to split your time for your studies, your social life, and your health (physical and mental) is the key to succeeding.




EMAAN SIDDIQUE (Graduated Fall 2019)

  • Major(s): Economics
  • Areas of interest in economics: Development Economics, Applied Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Listening to and discovering new music, watching movies, reading
  • Post graduate plans: Working as a Research Assistant or Analyst before going to graduate school
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Make sure to ask lots of questions while at Cal (and in life)







  • Major(s): Economics and Business Administration
  • Areas of Interest in Economics: Microeconomics
  • Interests Outside of School: Playing and watching sports (Football, Basketball, Soccer), sporting events, concerts
  • Post Graduate Plans: Work for a sports team
  • Advice for new and/or continuing Students: Reach out for help because there is always someone who is willing to help. Enjoy your time at Berkeley.





  • Major(s): Economics and Statistics
  • Areas of Interest in Economics: Financial Economics
  • Interests Outside of School: Reading for fun, food blogging, traveling
  • Post Graduate Plans: Work
  • Advice for new and/or continuing Students: Take a variety of classes to discover what you're truly passionate about.





For information on becoming a peer advisor, e-mail