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Meet the members of the Economics Undergraduate Student Services advising team!



Michelle Fong
Professional Academic Advisor 
Started at Cal:
Professional Academic Advisor 
Started at Cal:
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Started at Cal:  
Patrick G. Allen
Director of Student Services and Professional Academic Advisor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Iowa; Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resources from Golden Gate University.
Started at Cal: I started my employment at UC Berkeley and the Department of Economics in 2006. Originally working as the Graduate Advisor for Economics Ph.D. students, I am familiar with general practices in terms of graduate admissions.
With over 20 years of experience working in higher education as an advisor and administrator, I enjoy working with students as they pursue their academic and career goals.


Fall 2018 Peer Advisors


  • Majors: Economics, Psychology
  • Current courses: Urban Economics, Econometrics (Econ 141)
  • Completed courses: Econ 1, Econ 101A/B, Econ 131 (Public Economics)
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Econ
  • Interests outside of school: Live music, travel, volleyball
  • Post graduate plans: I want to possibly work as a research assistant before pursuing a PhD!
  • Advice: Remember that your GSIs can be a huge resource and talk to them about their own projects and research. They'll often be super willing to help and introduce you to people and new opportunities.



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and completed courses in economics: ECON 100A/B (Micro/Macro), 105 (History of Economic Thought), 136 (Financial Economics), 138 (Financial and Behavioral Economics), 140 (Econometrics), C171 (Economic Development)
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, and Development Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Hiking, going to museums, and movies
  • Post graduate plans: Law School
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Make more friends, go to Office Hours, and remember to floss.



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Economy
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Econ 100B, Econ 1, Envecon 100, Polecon C138, Polecon 100
  • Areas of interest in economics: Socioeconomics, Political Economy 
  • Interests outside of school: Watching hockey games, listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, traveling
  • Post graduate plans: Work
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Don’t procrastinate, get lots of sleep, try not to skip lectures or discussions, don’t skip meals  



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics / Integrative Biology / Persian Literature
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Econ 100A, Econ 136, Econ 140, Econ 121, Econ 133, Econ 100B, Econ C181
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral and Financial Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Outside of school, I enjoy listening to international music, hanging out with friends, playing soccer and poker, and DRIVING!
  • Post graduate plans: After I graduate this Spring, I plan to take a gap year to travel and possibly volunteer in different clinics/hospitals in South America as a clinical and financial assistant. Soon thereafter, I plan on continuing my education as an MD/MBA candidate.
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students:  My advice to new and/or continuing students regarding classes is to really focus in class/discussion, work hard on assignments, and get a lot of sleep since those things seem to work effectively in Economics classes. Besides that, go out, meet new people, and have some fun in your undergraduate career. Berkeley has a lot to offer so take advantage of that while you are here.



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and Completed courses: Econ 1, Econ 100B, Econ 100A
  • Areas of Interest in economics: healthcare and biotech economics
  • Interest outside of school: Surfing, skating, lifting weights
  • Post graduate plans: Most likely working for some healthcare or biotech firm 
  • Advice for new and/or continue students: Always plan and organize what you want to accomplish way before you set out to do it. That way you can always see a problem arise before it hits you. Better to be proactive than reactive. 



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and Completed Courses: Econ 101A, Econ 100B, Econ 140, Econ C125 (Environmental Economics), Econ 157 (Health Economics)
  • Areas of Interest in Economics: Microeconomics
  • Interests Outside of School: badminton, Korean dramas, drawing
  • Post Graduate Plans: CPA or teaching
  • Advice for New and/or Continuing Students: don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions; plan your schedule ahead…don’t start your assignments right before the deadline; have fun in your classes:)



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Completed Econ 100A and Econ 100B. Fall18: Econ 141, Econ 136, Econ 162 and Econ 182.
  • Areas of interest in economics: Finance, Monetary Policy.
  • Interests outside of school: Cooking, Karaoke, Travel
  • Post graduate plans: Work or go to grad school
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Check the economics news often and explore your interest


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