Staff Profiles

Meet the members of the Economics Undergraduate Student Services advising team!



Michelle Fong
Professional Academic Advisor 
EducationBachelor of Science in Managerial Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Organizational Studies from the University of California, Davis.
Started at Cal: I started my employment at UC Berkeley in 2017. Prior to Berkeley, I worked nine years at UC San Francisco's School of Medicine as an operations manager with curriculum planning.  As part of the School of Medicine's administrative team, I had the privilege to guide the students in obtaining their Doctorate of Medicine degrees.
With over 11 years of experience working in higher education, my goal is to provide students with high quality service to help them achieve their professional and academic goals.
Kristian Dawson
Professional Academic Advisor 
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Literary Journalism, with Education Minor from the University of California, Irvine.
Started at Cal: I started at Berkeley in January 2015 with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Throughout my time at Berkeley, I have championed higher education access for students from diverse and underrepresented communities, and have partnered with schools and community-based organizations to increase knowledge of Berkeley's programs. Along with my passion for higher education access, I also have a passion for positive workplace culture and have served on a number of staff engagement teams on Berkeley's campus.
My goal is to provide students with tools and resources that bring "light" to their educational paths, and to build pride, trust, and community among staff to better serve our campus.
Alicia Mandac
Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Started at Cal:  
Patrick G. Allen
Director of Student Services and Professional Academic Advisor
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Iowa; Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and Master of Science in Human Resources from Golden Gate University.
Started at Cal: I started my employment at UC Berkeley and the Department of Economics in 2006. Originally working as the Graduate Advisor for Economics Ph.D. students, I am familiar with general practices in terms of graduate admissions.
With over 20 years of experience working in higher education as an advisor and administrator, I enjoy working with students as they pursue their academic and career goals.


Fall 2018 Peer Advisors


  • Majors: Economics, Psychology
  • Current courses: Psychology and Economics (Econ 119)
  • Completed courses: Econ 1, Econ 101A/B, Econ 131 (Public Economics)
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Econ
  • Interests outside of school: Live music, travel, volleyball
  • Post graduate plans: I want to possibly work as a research assistant before pursuing a PhD!
  • Advice: Remember that your GSIs can be a huge resource and talk to them about their own projects and research. They'll often be super willing to help and introduce you to people and new opportunities.



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and completed courses in economics: ECON 100A/B (Micro/Macro), 105 (History of Economic Thought), 136 (Financial Economics), 138 (Financial and Behavioral Economics), 140 (Econometrics), C171 (Economic Development)
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, and Development Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Hiking, going to museums, and movies
  • Post graduate plans: Law School
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Make more friends, go to Office Hours, and remember to floss.



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Economy
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Econ 100B, Econ 1, Envecon 100, Polecon C138, Polecon 100
  • Areas of interest in economics: Socioeconomics, Political Economy 
  • Interests outside of school: Watching hockey games, listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, traveling
  • Post graduate plans: Work
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Don’t procrastinate, get lots of sleep, try not to skip lectures or discussions, don’t skip meals  



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics / Integrative Biology / Persian Literature
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Econ 100A, Econ 136, Econ 140, Econ 121, Econ 133, Econ 100B, Econ C181
  • Areas of interest in economics: Behavioral and Financial Economics
  • Interests outside of school: Outside of school, I enjoy listening to international music, hanging out with friends, playing soccer and poker, and DRIVING!
  • Post graduate plans: After I graduate this Spring, I plan to take a gap year to travel and possibly volunteer in different clinics/hospitals in South America as a clinical and financial assistant. Soon thereafter, I plan on continuing my education as an MD/MBA candidate.
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students:  My advice to new and/or continuing students regarding classes is to really focus in class/discussion, work hard on assignments, and get a lot of sleep since those things seem to work effectively in Economics classes. Besides that, go out, meet new people, and have some fun in your undergraduate career. Berkeley has a lot to offer so take advantage of that while you are here.



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and Completed courses: Econ 1, Econ 100B, Econ 100A
  • Areas of Interest in economics: healthcare and biotech economics
  • Interest outside of school: Surfing, skating, lifting weights
  • Post graduate plans: Most likely working for some healthcare or biotech firm 
  • Advice for new and/or continue students: Always plan and organize what you want to accomplish way before you set out to do it. That way you can always see a problem arise before it hits you. Better to be proactive than reactive. 



  • Major: Economics
  • Current and Completed Courses: Econ 101A, Econ 100B, Econ 140, Econ C125 (Environmental Economics), Econ 157 (Health Economics)
  • Areas of Interest in Economics: Microeconomics
  • Interests Outside of School: badminton, Korean dramas, drawing
  • Post Graduate Plans: CPA or teaching
  • Advice for New and/or Continuing Students: don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions; plan your schedule ahead…don’t start your assignments right before the deadline; have fun in your classes:)



  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Economics
  • Current and completed courses in economics: Completed Econ 100A and Econ 100B. Fall18: Econ 141, Econ 136, Econ 162 and Econ 182.
  • Areas of interest in economics: Finance, Monetary Policy.
  • Interests outside of school: Cooking, Karaoke, Travel
  • Post graduate plans: Work or go to grad school
  • Advice for new and/or continuing students: Check the economics news often and explore your interest


For information on becoming a peer advisor, e-mail