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How is my teaching evaluated?

Course evaluations are conducted by an online system managed by Berkeley Educational Technology Services (ETS) as set by the Policies on Evaluating Teaching. Prior to the student open evaluation period there is a question customization period for instructors if needed. Instructors are automatically emailed by the system granting this access a few days before. Online evaluations are emailed to enrolled students in the last week of classes and are open for approximately two weeks. 

The Head GSI coordinates online evaluation submissions for the Department in conjunction with faculty. For all Econ courses, the Head GSI schedules a time in the last week of lecture for GSI(s) to supervise an in-class session. This format encourages students to complete the online evaluations; however, students will have up to two weeks to complete this process. The in-class session is usually scheduled at the beginning of one of the last couple lectures and takes about 20 minutes depending on the size of the class. The results of the evaluation are sent directly to instructors about 6-8 weeks after grades are filed.

Please consult with the Head GSI at headgsi@econ.berkeley.edu to help facilitate the coordination of online evaluations.