Department Graduate Student PC Resources

  1. You do NOT have any permanent hard disk space allotted on these workstations. Local scratch space should be considered volatile.

  2. You are NOT allowed to install your own software on these workstations.

  3. The CD-RW disk: formatted capacity is about 700 MB (in CD-R mode, somewhat less CD-RW [DirectCD] mode).

  4. The DVD-RW disk: formatted capacity is about 4.5Gb.

  5. USB memory keys, memory card adapters or external disk drives may be used, provided they do not require custom drivers.
    We will not diagnose problems with personal storage devices.

  6. When you log in for the first time, a profile will be created for you that will include a My Documents folder, etc. You can store stuff in these folders, temporarily. Beware that it means exactly that: temporarily. Things left there are nsafe: If the available space becomes tight the administrators will remove older and larger files to make room. You will not be able to access these files from other machines.

  7. For more permament storage, where recommend the following campus services: UC Berkeley Box Service, bSpace, Research Hub

If you encounter any problems with your use of the EML Windows PCs or Field Research Office computers, send email to . This address is read by the Windows system administrators. Do not send messages to the Econometrics Laboratory (i.e., do not send messages to trouble, manager, consult, or postmaster as you would if you encountered problems with one of the Suns). It delays your message, and takes up the time of the Unix administrators.