Economics Faculty Profiles

Name Position Status
Ahn, David S. Associate Professor Teaching
Akerlof, George A. Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Economics, Nobel Laureate 2001 Emeritus
Anderson, Robert M. Coleman Fung Professor Emeritus of Risk Management; Director, Center for Risk Management Research; Professor of the Graduate School, Economics; Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Emeritus
Auerbach, Alan J. Robert D. Burch Professor of Economics and Law Teaching; On Leave, Sp'14
Bardhan, Pranab K. Professor of the Graduate School Emeritus
Brown, Clair Professor Emeritus
Card, David Class of 1950 Professor of Economics Teaching
Craine, Roger Professor Emeritus
de Vries, Jan Faculty, Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of History Teaching
DellaVigna, Stefano Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. Distinguished Professor of Economics Teaching
DeLong, J.Bradford Professor Teaching
Edlin, Aaron Richard Jennings Endowed Chair, Professor of Economics, Professor of Law Teaching
Eichengreen, Barry George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science Teaching
Ergin, Haluk Associate Professor Teaching
Faber, Benjamin Assistant Professor Teaching
Farrell, Joseph Professor Teaching
Finan, Frederico Associate Professor On Leave, AY 13-14
Gilbert, Richard J. Professor Emeritus
Goldman, Steven Professor Emeritus
Gorodnichenko, Yuriy Associate Professor Teaching
Gourinchas, Pierre-Olivier Professor Teaching
Graham, Bryan S. Associate Professor Teaching
Hall, Bronwyn H. Professor Emeritus
Handel, Ben Assistant Professor Teaching
Hermalin, Benjamin E. Thomas & Alison Schneider Distinguished Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics Sabbatical AY '13-14
Hoynes, Hilary Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities Teaching
Jansson, Michael Professor Teaching
Kariv, Shachar Professor Teaching
Katz, Michael Sarin Chair in Strategy and Leadership Teaching
Keeler, Theodore Professor Emeritus
Kermani, Amir Assistant Professor Teaching
Kline, Patrick Assistant Professor Teaching
Lee, Ronald D. Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Family Professor of Economics, Professor of Demography, Director, Center on Economics and Demography of Aging Teaching
Letiche, John M. Professor Emeritus
Malmendier, Ulrike Professor Teaching
McCrary, Justin Professor of Law
McFadden, Daniel L. E. Morris Cox Professor Emeritus of Economics; Nobel Laureate 2000 Emeritus
Miguel, Edward Oxfam Professor in Environmental and Resource Economics Teaching
Moretti, Enrico Michael Peevey and Donald Vial Professor of Economics Teaching
Morgan, John Professor Teaching
Nekipelov, Denis Assistant Professor On Leave, AY 13-14
Obstfeld, Maurice Class of 1958 Professor of Economics Teaching
Olney, Martha L. Adjunct Professor Teaching
Pouzo, Demian Assistant Professor Teaching
Powell, James L. George Break and Helen Schnacke Break Distinguished Professor of Economics; Department Chair Teaching
Quigley, John M. I. Donald Terner Distinguished Professor and Professor of Economics Emeritus, Deceased
Rabin, Matthew Edward G. and Nancy S. Jordan Professor of Economics Teaching
Reich, Michael Professor and Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Teaching
Rodriguez-Clare, Andres Professor Teaching
Roland, Gérard E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and Professor of Political Science Teaching
Roland-Holst, David Adjunct Professor Teaching
Romer, Christina D. Class of 1957-Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics Sabbatical Sp'14, F'14
Romer, David H. Herman Royer Professor of Political Economy Teaching
Rothenberg, Thomas J. Professor Emeritus
Rothstein, Jesse Associate Professor Teaching
Rubinfeld, Daniel Robert L. Bridges Professor Emeritus of Law, Professor Emeritus of Economics Emeritus
Saez, Emmanuel Chancellor's Professorship of Tax Policy and Public Finance, Director, Center for Equitable Growth Teaching
Scotchmer, Suzanne Professor of Economics, Law, and Public Policy Deceased
Shannon, Chris Richard and Lisa Steiny Professor of Economics, Professor of Mathematics Teaching
Shapiro, Carl Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy Teaching
Train, Kenneth E. Adjunct Professor Emeritus
Tyson, Laura D. Class of 1939 Professor of Economics and Business Administration Teaching
Ulman, Lloyd Professor Emeritus
Varian, Hal Class of 1944 Professor; Professor of Emeritus Business Administration, and Information Management and Systems Emeritus
Walters, Christopher Assistant Professor Teaching
Williamson, Oliver E. Edgar F. Kaiser Professor Emeritus of Business, Economics, and Organization, Nobel Laureate 2009 Emeritus
Woroch, Glenn A. Adjunct Professor Teaching
Yellen, Janet Eugene E. and Catherine M. Trefethen Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Emeritus