Email notifications of Economics Department Seminars

The Economics Seminar List

A weekly email notice of Economics Department Seminars is available. This is a distribution list (no discussion) and will only carry weekly notices or changes of time and venue or cancellations. It will be most active during the Fall and Spring instruction periods. The information is also carried on the Economics Seminars page.


To subscribe to the list, you must have a or gmail account. Send a message to  If not, send a message to

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Messages from this list have a subject line prefix of [Econseminars] to assist you in sorting, filtering, or highlighting your mail.

Charter and Rules

  1. Distribution of non-Economics Seminar notices
    This list is for the dissemination of Economics Seminar notices only. The posting staff will not forward notices of non-Economics Seminars to this list. It is expected that people will subscribe to other services if they are interested.
  2. Posting to the List
    General posting to this list is not possible, as this is for distribution only. The list manager will not approve bounced messages from the general subscriber list. Replies may be sent to the originator of a message.
  3. Repeated delivery failures and other bounced email
    If mail is repeatedly (typically four or more messages in sequence) bounced from an account for any reason, the list manager may unsubscribe the account.