Jesse Rothstein

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Jesse Rothstein

Professor of Public Policy and Economics; Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE)

Labor economics, public economics
Current Research
Unemployment insurance; teacher quality.
Current Status
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 2003
Research Interests
Economics of education; local public finance; school and teacher accountability and performance measurement; discrimination; inequality; affirmative action; black-white gaps in educational and economic outcomes; tax and transfer policy.

About Jesse Rothstein

Jesse Rothstein is a professor of public policy and economics. He joined the Berkeley faculty in 2009. He spent the 2009-10 academic year in public service, first as Senior Economist at the U.S. Council of Economic Advisers and then as Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor. Earlier, he was assistant professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. in economics from UC Berkeley in 2003.