Emi Nakamura

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Emi Nakamura

Chancellor's Professor of Economics

Macroeconomics, international macroeconomics, industrial organization, finance
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Research Interests
Monetary and fiscal policy, business cycles, macroeconomic measurement

About Emi Nakamura

Emi Nakamura holds a PhD from Harvard University and an A.B. from Princeton University. She taught at the Columbia economics department and business school before joining the Berkeley economics department in 2018. Her research focuses on monetary and fiscal policy, business cycles and macroeconomic measurement. She is a co-editor of the American Economic Review, and Program Director for the Monetary Economics program of the National Bureau of Economic Research. She is on the CBO’s Panel of Economic Advisers and the AEA Committee on National Statistics. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, the MIT Economics Department, and numerous central banks. She is a recipient of the John Bates Clark medal, the NSF Career Grant, the Sloan Research Fellowship, and the Elaine Bennett Research Prize.