BISP, BGA, and Other Concurrent Enrollment Programs

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment students through UC Berkeley Extension must complete Cal Central requests to be considered for enrollment.  Space in Economics courses is extremely limited and all students should have an alternate course planned. When enrolling, please provide the name of your program (i.e. BISP, BGA, BESAP) in the notes section when making concurrent-enrollment requests. 

Remember, DO NOT contact our professors for approval unless specifically requested to do so by the department.  Instructors in the Department of Economics do not handle course-enrollment issues and all student enrollment must be approved by the department. 


Spring 2022 Economics Course List

For Spring 2021, the following courses are currently OPEN for Concurrent Enrollment students, provided that prerequisites have been satisfied:  

  • Economics 121
  • Economics C125
  • Economics 127
  • Economics 131
  • Economics 133
  • Economics 134
  • Economics 135
  • Economics 143
  • Economics 155A
  • Economics 157
  • Economics 172
  • Economics 191

Note: This is subject to change based upon available seats during throughout enrollment period.


For Spring 2021, the following courses are FULL and Concurrent Enrollment students should not petition to enroll:

  • Economics 115
  • Economics 136 
  • Economics C142
  • Economics 183
  • Economics C171
  • Economics C175

Note: Other classes may be limited to enrollment depending on the year and semester. Additionally, enrollment in Econ C3 and C102 are cross-listed courses that are handled by the College of Natural Resources.  


The following courses are CLOSED to Concurrent Enrollment students:

  • Economics 1 Lecture 1
  • Economics 100A & 101A
  • Economics 100B & 101B
  • Economics 140 & 141
  • Economics H195A & H195B
  • Economics 197
  • Economics 199


Requests to enroll in the FULL & CLOSED course lists will be rejected. DO NOT contact the professors or department staff to appeal for enrollment.

Graduate-level courses are not approved for any undergraduate Concurrent Enrollment students. All requests will be denied.


Program Information

1. For students visiting through the BISP-LS program, please consult with Jenny Cornet-Carrillo, Assistant Director for the Berkeley International Study Program about your course selection. Email:

2. For student visiting through the Berkeley Global Access (BGA) program, please consult with the BGA Student Advisor about your course selection. Email:

3. For student visiting through other Concurrent Enrollment programs, please consult with your specific program coordinator about your course selection. Email: