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How do I respond to a student request for classroom or testing accommodations?

Only students who are officially registered with the Disabled Student Program (DSP) should be granted classroom and testing accommodations, such as extended time, a separate room, or special equipment. Students will meet with a DSP counselor who will determine any reasonable accommodations. You will have access to an on-line letter of accommodation from the DSP office which will tell you what academic accommodations the student will need. Students are also expected to bring their need for accommodations directly to your attention at the beginning of the course.

Please note the following:

  1. Letters of accommodation are on-line. For access, check the following DSP Portal for Faculty website. By logging in with your Cal Net ID, you will be able to view the letters of any DSP student enrolled in your courses.
  2. If you have questions about the accommodation letter, please contact the DSP specialist who signed the letter by calling 642-0518. There is also a helpful DSP On-Line FAQ. Included are answers to questions such as: "What if I am concerned about, or object to, a recommendation in DSP's letter of accommodation?"
  3. Departments are encouraged to arrange accommodations and proctoring at the local level by working with GSIs and department staff. Focusing proctoring arrangements initially at the departmental level allows the faculty member to have greater control over the test-taking process.

If you have additional questions, please contact Patrick Allen (pallen@econ.berkeley.edu)