Laptop Use and Home Access

The use of personal laptops (at the owner's risk) is permitted on the campus AirBears wireless network. It is a requirement of this service that your machine meets the campus Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices. Failure to comply will result in your access being removed.

You, and any other users of your room, are responsible for the physical security of items in the room. You are also responsible for any mis-use made of your computer.

The department has three AirBears wireless access points on the 6th floor of Evans Hall serving the classrooms, lounge, and section/tutorial rooms. Access point one is in 616, and serves 614, 616, 648 and adjacent section rooms, and the north end of 611 (Pexiotto Room). Access point two serves 639. Access point three serves 646,650 and most rooms up to 614 in the east core. See for details of this service. Other floors in Evans also have wireless coverage, and the signal from locations outside the department may be usable. Coverage is ever-expanding. A number of businesses (cafes and restaurants) on Euclid are included.

Off-site access to the Library and electronic resources may require that you use the Library proxy server. See for details, or search the Library site for 'proxy server'.

Remote access to the EML machines

In order to access the EML machines you will need to install an SSH client. The campus licensed tool can be found at Software Central. If you wish to run graphical Unix applications you will need the Hummingbird Exceed package (from Software Central or the department's application libray) and these instructions for tunnelling Unix graphical connections via SSH.

If you encounter any problems with your use of Park Avenue, send email to . Do not send messages to the Econometrics Laboratory (i.e., do not send messages to trouble, manager, consult, or postmaster as you would if you encountered problems with one of the Macs).