Ellora Derenoncourt

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Ellora Derenoncourt

Assistant Professor

Economic History, Labor Economics
Current Research
Historical evolution of inequality, minimum wages and racial wage gaps
Current Status
Harvard University (2019)
Research Interests
Inequality, labor market institutions, economic history

About Ellora Derenoncourt

Ellora Derenoncourt is a labor economist and economic historian whose work focuses on inequality. Her recent studies have examined northern backlash against the Great Migration and ensuing reductions in Black upward mobility and the role of federal minimum wage policy in closing the racial earnings gap in the Civil Rights Era. She has also written on wage determination in low-wage labor markets and the evolution of the racial wealth gap from pre-Emancipation to the present. Her work has been featured in the Economist, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and NPR. Dr. Derenoncourt received her PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 2019, her MSc in Human Geography from the London School of Economics, and her A.B. at Harvard University.