Graduate Economics Association (GEA)

The Graduate Economics Association (GEA) is a student association that organizes educational and social activities for all Economics graduate students. The GEA helps build a community for graduate students in the department and provides resources to help students get the most out of the department's offerings. The GEA also engages with other departments through interdisciplinary connections across campus.

GEA Executive Officers for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Nick Gebbia

Abhi Gupta

Oliver Kim

Andrew Tai

You can contact the GEA Executive Officers by sending them an email.

A few of the events the GEA sponsors: 

  1. Kickoff BBQ - The Kickoff BBQ is held at a local park and is open to all graduate students, faculty and staff.
  2. The Little Big Game - The Little Big Game is a series of competitions held against Stanford during the fall semester. Competitions include soccer, touch football, frisbee, volleyball, and more.
  3. The Annual Skit Party - The Skit Party has been held during the spring term for over 10 years. During the event each cohort e.g. 1st years, 2nd years, 3rd years, etc. create a comical skit that incapsulates the realm of economics on the Berkeley campus, or at the national level. In the recent years, faculty have started to prepare skits to act out for the students.
  4. Job Market Town Hall - During the Job Market Town Hall meeting, the GEA invites current job market candidates to discuss his or her experiences with the job market.
  5. Productivity Seminars - The GEA Productivity Seminars are short student led sessions on useful computing/software techniques. 

Productivity Seminars & Coding Camp Materials