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Fall 2010

101A, Economic Theory-Micro, D. Card
151, Labor Economics (Syllabus), Rasmus, J
H195, Honors Thesis Seminar, R. Craine
202A, Macroeconomic Theory, Obstfeld/Part 1 - Romer/Part 2
C215A, Political Economics, G. Roland
219A, Applications of Psychology and Economics, Rabin, M
230A, Public Economics, J. Auerbach
250A, Labor Economics, D. Card

Spring 2010

1, Introduction to Economics, M. L. Olney
100A, Microeconomic Theory [B], G. A. Woroch
101A, Economic Theory- Micro, D. E. Card
119, Psychology and Economics [B], B. Koszegi
122, Industrial Organization Seminar [B], K. E. Train
124, Special Topics in Industrial Organization [B], G. A. Woroch
138, Financial and Behavioral Economics [B], U. Malmendier
154, Economics of Discrimination, M. L. Olney
H195, Honors Thesis Seminar, R. Craine
201B, Economic Theory, R. Anderson (second half)
206, Mechanism Design and Agency Theory [B], B. E. Hermalin
210A, Introduction to Economic History, J. B. Delong
219B, Applications of Psychology and Economics, M. Rabin (first half)
219B, Applications of Psychology and Economics, S. DellaVigna (second half)
234C, Financial Decision-Making in Firms, U. Malmendier
240B, Econometrics, J. L. Powell
241A, Econometrics, J. L . Powell
250C, Labor Economics, D. E. Card
280C, International Economics, M. Obstfeld
296, Special Topics: Digital Markets, S. Scotchmer

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