Registry of Economics Course Home Pages, 2001

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Fall 2001

1, Introduction to Economics, C. Brown
3, Introduction to Environmental Economics, P. Hess
100A, Microeconomic Analysis, D. McFadden
100B, Macroeconomic Analysis, M. Olney
101B, Macroeconomic Analysis, B. DeLong
C110, Game Theory, R. Powell
115, The World Economy in the 20th Century, B. Eichengreen
121, Industrial Organization and Public Policy , G. Woroch
123, Government Regulation of Industry, J. Farrell
136, Financial Economics, J. Frank
142, Applied Econometrics and Public Policy, K. Chay
157, Health Economics, T. Keeler
161, Transition in Eastern Europe, G. Roland
C171, Economic Development, A. de Janvry
H195A, Senior Honor's Thesis, M. Olney
201A, Microeconomic Theory, R. Anderson
201A, Microeconomic Theory, S. Goldman
202B, Macroeconomic Theory, C. Jones and D. Romer
204, Mathematical Methods, R. Anderson and P. Ruud
206, Mechanism Design and Agency Theory, B. Hermalin
210A, Introduction to Economic History, C. Romer and B. Eichengreen
211, Economic History Seminar, B. Eichengreen
221, Industrial Organization Seminar, J. Farrell
231, Public Finance Seminar, A. Auerbach
236B, Dynamic Macroeconomics II, R. Craine
237, Macroeconomics Seminar, R. Craine
240B, Introduction to Econometrics/Statistics, D. McFadden
240B, Introduction to Econometrics/Statistics, P. Ruud
242, Econometrics Seminar, D. McFadden
260A, Economics of Transition I, G. Roland
IDS270, Institutional Analysis Workshop, O. Williamson
270A, Microeconomics of Development, E. Sadoulet
271, Economic Development Seminar, P. Bardhan
PP275/BA296/CP234, Housing and the Urban Economy, J. Quigley
296, Seminar on Innovation, B. Hall

Summer 2001
181, International Trade, S. Lam

Spring 2001
1 (Lecture 1), Introduction to Economics, C. Echeverría
1 (Lecture 2), Introduction to Economics, G. Hale
100B, Macroeconomic Analysis, M. Garcia
101A, Microeconomic Theory, S. Goldman
104, Advanced Microeconomic Theory, L. Rigotti
121, Industrial Organization and Public Policy, G. Woroch
140, Econometrics/Statistics, A. Hildreth
C175, Economic Demography, R. Lee
182, International Monetary Economics, J. Shambaugh
207B, Mathematical Economics, C. Shannon
209A, Theory and Applications of Non-cooperative Games, L. Simon
211, Economic History Seminar, B. De Long
210B, European Economic History, B. De Long
230B, Public Sector Microeconomics, A. Auerbach
231, Public Finance Seminar, A. Auerbach
236A, Aggregate Economics, R. Craine
237, Macro/International Finance Seminar, M. Obstfeld
240A, Introduction to Statistics/Econometrics, D. McFadden (first half)
242, Econometrics Seminar, D. McFadden
244, Applied Econometrics: Discrete Choice with Simulation, K. Train
We are grateful to Aptech Systems for donating a lab license and manuals for GAUSS, which makes possible the real-world simulation labs in 244 this semester.
260A, Economic Systems, G. Roland
271, Economic Development Seminar, P. Bardhan and T. Miguel
C275A, Economic Demography, R. Lee
280B, International Economics, M. Obstfeld
296/BA296, Seminar on Innovation, B. Hall and D. Mowry

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