Registry of Economics Course Home Pages, 1998

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Fall 1998
1, Introduction to Economics, K. Train
101A, Microeconomic Theory, G. Woroch
104, Advanced Microeconomic Theory, J. Farrell
115, The World Economy in the 20th Century, B. Eichengreen
121, Industrial Organization and Public Policy, R. Gilbert
123, Government Regulation and Industry, J. Farrell
124, Special Topics in Industrial Organization, B. Hall
175/D175, Economic Demography, R. Lee
183, Issues in International Economics, B. Eichengreen
201A, Microeconomic Theory, S. Goldman
202B, Macroeconomic Theory, M. Obstfeld
202B, Microeconomic Theory, B. De Long
210A, Introduction to Economic History, B. Eichengreen
211, Economic History Seminar, B. De Long
220A, Industrial Organization, R. Gilbert
BA296/PP275, Housing and Urban Economy, J. Quigley
BA296, Seminar on Innovation, B. Hall

Summer 1998
100B, Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics, M. Olney

Spring 1998
100A, Economics Analysis: Microeconomics, K. Train
100B, Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics, M. Olney
152, Wage Theory and Policy, K. Chay
202A, Macroeconmics, B. De Long
240A, Introduction to Econometrics/Statistics, D. McFadden and J. Powell
244, Applied Econometrics, K. Chay
280B, International Finance, K. Kletzer
301, TA Workshop, M. Olney

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