Graduate Alumni

Congratulations on your accomplishments, and welcome to the Economics Department Graduate Alumni home page! This is your go-to source for information and coordination about what comes after you've earned your PhD with us, and have settled into your career.

First, our alumni network is in its initial stages of development, and we invite all of our Ph.D. alumni to get in on the ground floor of this effort. We are looking for alumni to help us coordinate communication and events for this community, as Regional Coordinators helping get the word out. Our efforts will include connecting alumni with other alum, and with current Ph.D. students for mentoring and general networking. This effort is geared toward fostering a collective effort to support our top-ranked doctoral program for years to come.

Second, please share your post-graduate story with us! We will feature our Ph.D. alumni here on a regular basis, showcasing this talented, diverse, and inspiring community. Below you can find the submission form, and we invite you to describe what you've been up to since graduating from our doctoral program. We look forward to hearing from you!