Frequently Asked Questions

Will my existing addresses and remain valid as they are?

Yes, they will, though the mail boxes will merge into one. The address will become primary in bMail. However, you may make your default "From:" address.

Why do you call my address primary (in previous answer)?

Because it will show up first if someone looks "John Doe" up in the bConnected directory. Keep in mind that bConnected is a suite of three Google Apps — bMail (email), bCal (calendar), and bDrive (cloud storage). While your subdomain address can be used in email, it won't be visible in the calendar and cloud storage applications.

Can I change my email address assigned to me in bMail?

Not now. Please wait till migration is over.

I use "pine". Will it still work?

Yes, it will, but only after you set up a bConnected key and change the IMAP server in This applies to "nail" and "mutt" as well.

Mail sent to my address is forwarded to my personal address When I send mail from Gmail, it appears to come from Will this still work?

Yes, but you will have to re-establish the forwarding in your bMail account.

Can I forward mail sent to only one of my addresses, e.g., and not

Yes and no. bMail forwarding setting is meant for sending all incoming messages to another account. However, you can also forward only some of your mail by creating a filter.

I am no longer with the department. My mail to is forwarded to Will this move affect me and do I need to do something?

No. The address is not associated with any account; it is merely a redirect and will stay in place after the move.